The TV Thread

It’s available on Sky too. There’s a Sopranos prequel movie coming in October, ‘The Many Saints of Newark’.

Yeah I saw the trailer. Looks so good.

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I really hope that they do a good job because there is really no need for them to have made a prequel film. They better nail it and make it good!


Absolutely. The Sopranos is arguably the finest tv drama ever made. It’s a quite simply a masterpiece imo. The movie trailer looks promising. As you said though, it’d needn’t have been made.

Twin Peaks was amazing and Firewalk with Me was sort of alright. I’ve revisited the original, (T.P,), series a few times over the years and have seen the movie once, possibly twice. Fortunately the series was so good that I don’t feel that the addition of the prequel tarnished it in any way. Fingers crossed that holds for The Sopranos movie.

I’m half way through a Danish drama on iPlayer called DNA and really enjoying everything about it. Charlotte Rampling plays a French detective in it and is pretty good.

Is it me or in that Soprano movie trailer does it look like they’ve done something weird with Tony’s face with CGI, to make the actor look more like a young Tony? Like they did with De Niro’s eyes and face in The Irishman? He looked weird

Edit: just noticed it’s James Gandolfinis son playing him, doh


Wife is watching something called Sex/Life on Netflix and fucking hell it is bad.

I’ve been sent away because I keep laughing at how bad it is.

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I’m finally getting round to finishing Homeland (probably tonight or tomorrow night).

What other good spy shit can anyone recommend (iPlayer, Netflix, Amazon Prime)?

Assuming you’ve done Sopranos and Breakin Bad:

Vikings - Prime
Motherland (sorry) - iPlayer
Black Mirror - Netflix
Lupin - Netflix
True Detective - can’t remember
Top Boy - Netflix

Thanks for the list but I’m more looking for spy/CIA stuff. Something similar to Homeland I suppose.

The Americans is the one you need to watch

Yeah it was good that. Decent satisfying ending too. Too many shows just dribble off in no particular direction until nobody cares.

Jack Ryan is a good series on prime with John Krasinski.

I was going to say this one but I think it’s only on Disney Plus.

Just realised, I never got around to watching Deutschland '86 and '89. Really enjoyed '83 so I think I’ll hit that next.

Pity that The Americans isn’t more accessible. ITV used to broadcast it and I had seen the first couple of series on there, but it’s really expensive on Prime, and otherwise found on other platforms.

Cannot wait.


Fuuuuuuckkkkkk!!! CANNOT WAIT!!!

uh huh, yeah.

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Motherland is fucking class! My wife and I quote it on the regs (we have 2 small children)


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