The TV Thread

uh huh, yeah.

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Motherland is fucking class! My wife and I quote it on the regs (we have 2 small children)


Me and the wife have also binged Motherland over the last few weeks.

Only watched it in bits over the years. It’s very very very easy to watch.

Thought I’d get slain for that one. It’s on the slippers-and-a-nice-glass-of-cab-sav end of the edgy scale.
But there are definitely some of those characters on everyone’s school run.
I noticed it’s written by everyone’s favourite bellend Graham Linehan.

Watched it last month on a premier at Derby Quad cinema, fucking loved it. Had a Q&A with questlove at the end although it was a prerecorded one, we did wonder when going in to the cinema what the Q&A would have been

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Watching War of the Worlds on Disney and one episode in it feels like it’s going to be good. Like Vikings good.
Not into sci-fi per se but this has a really good Euro centric focus and the filming isn’t all glossy, more like Bourne handheld cam ting.

Ive struggled with this one. Watched the most recent episode last night. Pilot was good.

I kept on waiting for the fuck off tripods to come out and for shit to get real, but got a serialised episode of Black Mirrors ‘Metalhead’ instead.

Yep it’s a survivalist Walking Dead thing really but I liked that

Just finished Bosch on Amazon Prime. No wire but pretty good as far as American police dramas go.

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Just got Netflix again after 4 months off. What shows are new and worth watching?

Absolutely nowt


I concur

Yeah, I spent 30 mins trying to find something and instead just started watching peep show which I’d just been watching on nowtv the day before.

And I cancelled nowtv because all I was doing was rewatching peep show


If you’ve had Netflix for more than six months then it’s like you’re at a food buffet and you’re scratching around for the decorative halved cherry tomatoes that encircle the now absent dried up egg sandwiches. Barren.

Rewatching peep show isn’t ‘the bad thing’ though really


Balls deep in Z Nation. It’s shit, but I like it.

Somehow only just found out about Black Mirror and three quarters through that. It’s good but bleak as fuck if you binge on it


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