The TV Thread

Ok, I’ve started watching Squid Game. It’s not bad.
Hella ketchup used though.

I’m on episode 4 and loving it, and then just got a massive spoiler from that Apple news feed thinger.

Thought it lived up to it’s hype. Pretty good all the way through. Ending felt slightly unfulfilling but it’s still a good 8/10 show/

I’ve been enjoying all the Korean stuff on netflix recently. ‘Kingdom’ is an awesome TV show (The prequel movie is just ok), I’d go as far as saying it was one of my favourite things out last year.

It’s zombies in feudal Korea but thankfully the story doesn’t really focus on the zombies as much and it’s more about the politics of the different ruling clans. It’s beautifully shot and the set design is amazing.


Just finished “I May Destroy You” on the iPlayer.
I think it’s a BBC/HBO joint venture.
Set mainly in London. 12 episodes.

Really good. Well worth investing in.
It kind of snakes around as to what it is but the story is strong.

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Dave series 2 on the iplayer.

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Both shows above are top notch :ok_hand:t2:

That was the last drama I worked on before the lockdown. I’ve never installed so many toilet sets On a show ever. And when I found out why- as the scrip was released, it all became sour and haven’t watched it.

I did save arabella’s king size bed from being skipped, little does my housemate know what was filmed on it.


The Velvet Underground film is a banger. Couldn’t help watching it earlier but going in again tonight after refreshments

Just had a look for it, is it on apple tv only?

Yeah and cinema’s lol. Gotta be a rip of it up by now. They’re showing it at The Curzon this week. Worth seeing at cinema

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Cinema, it’s been a while. Going to try to catch it

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Two episodes into Squid Game and I’m bored as fuck. Does it get better? Shall I stick with it? Really close to sacking it off.

yeah, don’t bother. its alright but way too drawn out.

spoiler if you bail now…

the old man is behind it all

No joke……I guessed that already haha

Gonna sack it off

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Thought it was ok but some of the sub plots like the undercover cop and the lead baddie never really got resolved.

Season 2…
Or 3…
Or 4…

Squid game is way overated and the kind of thing that draws in the average bloke with a desensitation to violence and thinks kicking off in a pub is just “bants”

I heard it described as Saw meets Hunger Games, (which I’ve not seen either of but know for sure that they’re not up my street), by someone who didn’t know what Battle Royale was (but probably would have thought it was great)… They thought it was cool and so I decided that I wasn’t even going to bother. Seems like a good call on my part from what I’ve heard.

It’s not terrible by any stretch but there are no twists it’s just mindless violence in a half interesting package. The twist is not a twist because loads of red flags make you guess it correct at various stages along the series.

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