The TV Thread

I’d like to watch that but I’m staying with my parents in law while my bathroom is getting redone and it doesn’t sound like cosy viewing.

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I Escaped To The Country is my new favourite. Just love gawping at lovely houses I will never own.

Im enjoying Sarah Beenys new life int the country.

Definitely want to build a house in the middle of nowhere

Is this what they are slowly flying about on?


Finally got round to watching Squid Games. Brilliant.

It’s forgettable.

Really not that good.


H8ers Gonna H8.

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Finally got round to watching the mandalorian.
Only watched one season but it was better than TBOBF so far.


I disagree. They had a vision and ran with it very well. The set design and character development stood out for me a lot. There was a lot of humanity which was nice to see.

I loved the way that the paintings gradually appeared in the hall as the games progressed.

Will watch again in the future.

There was also a lot of stupidity.

Agree the design was good but that’s the only memorable thing.

The original Battle Royale film was way better than this and is good the second or third time around too.

I won’t watch this again.

I’ll watch Battle Royale and get back to you.


I found Battle Royale a bit too repetitive personally. Squid Game has much more variety but there were definitely negative sides as well.

Not that Dexter was actually a great show or anything (it was more of an easy going background watch) but the re-boot was really shite. Total nonsense.

Quite amused by the fact that Matt Berry keeps banging on about ‘starring in the new Star Wars movie’ (much to the disbelief of everyone) in the new Toast series…but actually does have a role in the new Star Wars show.


It has to have been written knowing this, right?


The latest Boba Fett episode was great. Tied up some loose ends and made very obvious cues as to the next steps for the series.

The Sarlacc pit scene was excellent.


Toast is absolutely fucking genius.

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Best names in any TV too

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Dr Harold Shitman.



Love the way he pronounces pressure and treasure too.

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Just thinking of some the scenes from Snuff Box makes me laugh, very weird show as a whole though.

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