Trick Of The Week 12: Manuals with Franc

Good morning y’all.

This time, we’re doing manuals, or wheelies if you’re older.
Any manual, on any obstacle, or even on flatground.

Bonus points if you film more than two and write a skateboarding chiasmus, haha.



I wanted to set something really basic so everybody can take part and get creative, original, or even romantic or really smart.

Oh and before anyone takes the piss out of me because of the ender, I’m 38 next month and therefore not being trendy but simply emulating Pulman in LFA. Hehe.

oh i just assumed you were having some kind of mid-life crisis. next you’ll be in shorts with knee length white socks

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i can’t manual franc you bastard

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Oh man I’ve got a manny I’ve wanted to do for so long and haven’t managed it. Time to try it again this week!


Of course you can!

Same. I’ve only ever filmed a manual trick once and it was so bad/below par, it got canned.

Hmm… I can do one-footed manuals…maybe I’ll treat you to one of them if my back gets better soon!

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I’m sure a lot of you can and will get lovely clips for this.

I can dig a few spicy ones out from the vaults for this I think, haha.

Fuck oui Neddy!

Quick skate, messing about on my own, nothing crazy but it’s better than nothing I suppose.
Added a switch noseblunt because I love you.


Sick switch blunt bruh, not a hint of fakie or noseblunt

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Wasn’t that a regs blunt fakie?

Nah his stance was regular but clearly his mind was goofy

Yes it was. Check this thread to get the joke.

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Like the nose oui-ly.

Thanks pal! I want to do the same thing but into a nose oui-ly again. Nose oui-ly slappy tailslide nose oui-ly. Hopefully I’m Japanese enough for such a maneuver. Maybe one day.

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