Trick of the Week 9 - Wayout's Switch Maneuvers

Here’s your next challenge while the sun’s still here - anything switch, doesn’t matter what. May require proof of your natural stance

Streamable is still broken (correct @Spanky?) so use youtube, instagram or whatever I guess


Fucking hell chill out daewon :smiley:

And yeah streamable a bit sketch atm


A week to film one good Switch Heelflip on flat.

Should be achievable!


I’m with you! Might go all out and try it down a curb

You keen? Iv never done it on anything other than over a mellow hip about 10 years ago.

This has just highlighted to me that I do a lot of nollie but my actual switch is weak! … You’ve got a choice of mob switch flip or frontside flip, front board, front nose or front crook… Shit, Just realised I have no switch backside tricks either…

Lol I’ll try and find a large curb then. It’s the only switch flip trick I have really

Yer haha me to. I did a switch flip once where my front foot basically went round the board as it was flipping, such a kebab!

You want chilli sauce with that one boss?

Fuck yeah! Let’s do this

Alright, I filmed this to get the ball rolling today.


Try switch (backside) boardslides on flat rails, they’re super fun if you come out switch.

I love switch manuals too, they look easy and uninteresting but are pretty awkward and feel really satisfying.

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actually went for a skate tonight so here we go


Too slow and sketchy.


sucks teeth


Switch manuals are so so odd. I always find myself leaning too hard in my toes and going off in a odd direction. They’re satisfying in their difficulty I suppose

Last year I went skating with @andy_smoke, he was carving switch at Stockwell and we had this rad conversation about skating switch and his approach to cruising around as an old fart and I realized that I could do technical switch maneuvers but had never really cruised around skating switch. After that, I started dropping in on tranny switch and doing more really basic switch tricks everywhere. Been working on that ever since, and it’s super, super fun.

TLDR: switch ollies > switch 360 flips


haha i know ffs, i was self-filming it (landscape) and matey asked if he wanted me to film

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Stoked @franc
Trying to skate goofy has made skateboarding a game again.
throwing down switch is still a total tippy-toe headache…
“where are my feet supposed to be, argh!”


Nothing super crazy here but I had to film one of these for the bruvs after our conversation about these on here the other day.

I don’t know why the first half of the clip looks blurry on YouTube, it’s fine on my phone. Whatever. Sorry.


Don’t wanna stink up the place but it’s the only skate I’ve had this week, ironically because I’ve spent time building a DIY spot rather than skating lately… So perhaps bonus points for making the ledge it’s on and it being in a homie train… a blink and you’ll miss it switch front board in here: