UFC / MMA Thread

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Well Valentina really did a number on Jessica Eye, didn’t she? Holy Shit!


jessica eye had no business fighting shevchenko, it was a total mismatch in ability. valentina looks amazing at that weight now and could be champion for a long time.

furguson vs cowboy was a terrible fight for cowboy to take at any notice let alone short notice, i appreciate his “ill fight anyone anytime” attitude and love cowboy but you need to be smart, esecially when you have a finite number of fights left in you. i dont know about the scoring for the first round but to me cowboy may have edged it, but Tony has a style that is such a nightmare for cowboy who is so upright that he was never winning if it went to decision. and yeah he clipped cowboy after the horn but thats on the ref, way too far away, when the 10 second marker sounds he needs to be right there.

henry cejudo is just cringe, i never knew he had a gold medal, he never mentions it, prick.

also well done beiber for wanting to fight a 56 year old man, another prick

Glad Tatiana Suarez got her win but Nina Ansaroff was looking pretty sharp on her feet.

Jessica Eye’s knockout was brutal but obvious.

How about those hands on Alexa Grasso?

Shevchenko head kick. The set up body kick / body kick / shin to chin. Fucking out.

I want to say as well, as cringey as Henry Cejudo is, he really is beginning to look like the consummate, complete, mixed martial artist. Might not be the most exciting style but he’s improving every time he steps into the cage, and adding more and more strings to his bow.

He is pure cringe, Triple C, give it a rest mate.

I hope he follows his words through and goes up to Feather, he’s going to get banged if he goes up two weights.

Oh yeah, Max would absolutely crush him. His ability is unquestionable, but Max’s physical characteristics would be far too much for him to overcome.

I actually like Cejudo, though! I don’t know why but I was rooting for him on the TUF series he had with DJ, and have done ever since.

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