Unpopular skate opinions

Have we done this topic yet on this forum?

If not, what are your unpopular skate opinions.

I’ll start:

Carl Shipmans 360 flip from that DC tour isn’t all that aesthetically pleasing.

Most skateboarders are kooks or man children


Surely that’s common knowledge.

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Not everyone loved blueprint.


As amazing as the Gonz was 30 years ago seeing a middle-aged man cutting about New York smoking a cigar on an ironing board and being weird isn’t quality output


Big blueprint fan here, but some edits haven’t aged well. The Big Push with the fake vignette and BJM tune is so hard to watch because of the bad effects over it. Kinda cool that the boat was pushed out a bit with regards to what you can do with art direction though.


Wrong thread to point this out, but that is such a horrible, boring, meaningless piece of music from a shit band with a dickhead of a singer.

“Come and give us your unpopular opinion, something up til now that you’ve been scared to say!”

We don’t need to see every single clip of Tom Penny ever filmed


Gonz makes me uncomfortable

Rick Howard has average style

Tyshawn won’t be a legend


Depends which era, I wasn’t into it early on but loved it around the time they put out the font boards then things got gradually worse.

Love hearts on the back of jeans did it for me. But that’s probably more to do with me having to tell people on the phone constantly that they were out of stock.

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I was watching this last night. What struck me was that his front foot is almost over the front bolts when he pops, which is unfathomable to me.

Like Atlantic Drift don’t get/like the Jellyfish

Benihanas don’t even look bad, I just think people love to hate

Sweepers are for people who are too scared to boneless



I actually like varial flips. And I’m bored of 360 flips.

Not that varial flips are a replacement for tre flips though. These days I’d prefer to see a well caught straight kickflip than a tre.

I’ve been skating for 18 years. Can’t 360 flip at all. Varial flips are easy.


A varial flip is a trick groms learn by accident, when trying to learn something better, hehe.

Unpopular Opinion <---- :wink:


2 out of 3 so you get a pass but don’t ever say that about Rick Howard again.

My unpopular opinion…skateboard lessons suck and skate schools shouldn’t be a thing.