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I had planned on having half hour on it and then doing some LinkedIn learning courses to try and use my time off work wisely… 2 and a half hours later and I’m still on the same level trying to not break a single box to unlock the secret blue gem. Fuck sake!


3 hours later - done it. Bollocks to LinkedIn at this point, gonna bang this on my CV instead!


@Brewer blows my mind how hard Crash Bandicoot is.

I only played 2 and 3 as a kid, so playing through the N. Sane Trilogy is the first time I’ve played the original, but overall I deffo don’t remember it being this difficult.

Trying to do them all in order as well so fucking up a level (repeatedly) is even more annoying knowing it’s prolonging getting to enjoy the nostalgia of playing Crash 2 and 3.

On another note, hope Cyberpunk actually makes it out by the end of the year.

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I found that with Mario, basically getting through it by trial and error. Very slowly. I used to think I was pretty good!

Haha. Did the N-Sane trilogy when it came out. 100% on every level, but can not do the last level. Tried it a million times over a span of months. It’s impossible.

Re: Cyberpunk; CDPR would get hung, drawn & quartered by all the neckbeard’s if they delayed it again, especially after they announced that they’d gone gold and decided to knock it back to December.

Can’t wait for it myself, it looks like it has the potential to be a genuine masterpiece.

Day off tomorrow, take the kid to school, quick run then some quality time, just me and the PS5.


Ooh nice, it’s a hefty beast aint it? Get any good games?

Just the ones that come with it and PS plus. Only had the basic PS4 since that launched though so looking forward to playing some of my old games but with extra shiny graphics. Going to get stuck into some RDR2, that seemed to really struggle at times on my PS4.

Can’t remember if it was on here someone was saying that Mudrunner is ace, but it’s next week’s freebie on the Epic store if anyone wanted to try it. Looks pretty ace I reckon.

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I bought it on a recommendation in this thread - stoked to see it’s going to given away for free now. :smiley:

I really like it.

Ace. Apparently you can do coop online too - I’ve been playing online with my little bro the last few weeks since we can’t have our weekly film nights, this looks like it’ll fit in nicely after we finish Portal 2.

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