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Hitman 3 is out which has reminded me that I haven’t even played hitman 2 yet even though I loved hitman 1. That’s a lot of hitman to catch up on.

Also trying to work out how to set up online mega drive to play NHL94 against my mate. If I understand how or what port forwarding is (help) that is.

I bought Skater XL on PS4 last year, but still only have the 4 maps it came with, have they released any more? I cant be arsed fannying about with my router unless its worth updating it for decent maps

You need to ensure you have the 1.1 update installed and then there’s 8 or 9 maps included and a mod browser that lets you download about 5 or 6 more.

The shipping disk copy is a very old build of the game.

Ah ok. I havent got it hooked up to a router cause fuck playing online but Ill bring one down to get the new maps. I mainly just skate the school and the courthouse anyway, same as Id mainly skate the community centre in skate

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From memory, the existing maps get a whole heap of detail too.

A couple of the downloadable maps are as good the school and downtown la.

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ive officially given up again on getting a ps5.

now playing Horizon Zero Dawn… not sure how that passed me by! excellent

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