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It’s one game, a remake of the first 2 games from back in the day. You can skate as muska, also some newer pros, but I’m not bothered about them.


That’s the right answer.

Does he have Zelda on it? I reckon a 8/9 year old would be stoked on the links awakening remake.

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He’s only really into Mario games so far, haven’t tried Zelda.

Anyone know if Skater XL is any good?

It’s good on pc, but a bit meh on console. Don’t think it’s on the switch yet.

Thanks, ah yeah just clocked it’s not out yet.

Played quite a bit off skater XL on ps4, once you’ve figured out the controls it’s fun for a bit, but really buggy and it does odd things, levels also feel a bit small and lifeless after a while. Gone back to playing skate 2 and 3 on xbox 360.

Session looks like a better game with loads more features, unfortunately for me it’s not on ps4

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Skater XL is really hard to the point you won’t enjoy it without a shit tonne if practice.


Can’t stop playing Pistol Whip this week:

Is that like a rhythm-based VR Time Crisis? Looks absolutely sick but I know I’d be shit at it and quite literally sick all down myself playing it.

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Exactly that, it’s so fun and as easy or hard as you want it to be. I’m fairly bad at rhythm games usually and in this you can pretty much ignore that aspect if you want to, just turn up the difficulty and make it a fight to survive.

i got a ps5 a good a few months back but could only get it as a bundle with Assassins Creed Valhalla and Ratchet and Clank.

I would never have bought those games normally but i’m now 150 hours plus into Assassins Creed and its brilliant

Finished Carrion on Xbox twice over the last week. Good fun.

Trevor McDonald is a genius bit of casting.

‘Nevermind around the corner, it’s down the abyss you two should worry about’

‘Mmm, I think I have a call of duty to make actually’


Now playing The Long Dark.

Not for everyone. In the game Death is final. After 6 hours or so in a single game that feel a bit brutal, but you can then apply what you’ve learnt in the next game.

I’m now on day 12 and no food bar a military ration which should buy time to fish, hunt or find more food. Can get quite stressful.

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