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Skate 4 is happening


I thought this was a joke!

It’s thanks to Jason Dill but the sounds of it.

Apart from a new map all they need to do is to make transition skating much better, make it possible to stick to double kink rails and make crooks look like crooks. Pull your fucking finger out lads.

…and the Nine club really for everyone that slags it off, haha.

I don’t know much about this game but this trailer makes it look like dog dirt.

It all looks a bit floaty. but they’ve got some interesting machanic like being able to catch tricks with individual feet, Quite fun to play. But yeah that vid makes it look bad!


It’s a shame they don’t map the skaters face they pull mid trick like in photos etc instead of the completely indifferent look of boredom they have all the time

Be nice to have those spots on skate3 or if they do a 4

Kind of looks like they’ve modelled the skater’s movements off Ronson Lambert

Ok so I downloaded Session and it’s terrible.

No game will come close to Skate 2 and 3.

Also has nobody else been playing COD Warzone? Me and @neddy been playing it a lot together it’s wicked.

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Anyone else playing TLOU2? I’m about 25 hours in yet (just after you switch characters) and I think it’s incredible.

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I never got round to playing the first one. The resident nerd in work is begging me to play it so I can get round to the sequel because he’s loving it too. No spoilers!

I got this for a tenner last night. Controls are harder than they look here:

I’m currently replaying the first game, first time on this gen - had it on PS3 and the remastered version has sat in my PS4 library for ages because it was offered for free a bit ago. It’s stunning. I mean, the story is depressing as fuck, but it’s a great experience.

The Last of Us is the most over rated game of all time

The story was good and the world building and graphics were great but gameplay wise it was horrible. Didn’t know what it wanted to be and everything it did want to be was done badly.

Or as I liked to call it;

The Ladders of Us.

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