Warwick/Gaunty has now been banned.

Let’s put it to the community:

Should I ban/kick out Warwick/Gaunty?

  • Yes
  • No

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Poll closes in 24 hours.

Na just mute/ignore.


This is what I did earlier.

Ultimately if everyone does that there will be no stink up as no one will reply. I feel for Spanky and Londonskater having to moderate and jump in. The day I joined there was a big kick off and that was I think 18 months ago :man_facepalming:

You guys are far more liberal than me - I’d have given him the hammer after joining again uninvited.


It would be boring without him.

I just don’t understand why they even want to be here.

If a group of people kept telling me to fuck off IRL I’d probably just fuck off.


And there it is. The cursed ratio


Inspired by the current Prime Minister probably.

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Just to say whatever the decision I’ll abide by it. No re-joining under any other names. So if you want me gone, I’m gone.
As for why I’d want to stay in a forum where I’ve obviously been so controversial, I’d say I’m a skater first and foremost. I haven’t always been at my best on here, and I should do better not to rile people, but it’s good to be challenged and not always to speak only to people who share your own views. I’m not a fan of echo chambers, even with people who share my views.
In skating I’m a vert dinosaur. In my other views I think and say things that some people don’t like. If that doesn’t fit, vote me out.

You did say that last time too though


This isn’t the issue. The issue is with you not accepting or acknowledging any answers or discussion that comes your way. You ignore it or pick the bits out that you want to answer, aaaand inevitably leave an opinion that you know will trigger people hanging in the air like a bad fart and never respond like an adult in a conversation. The way you come across is like a massively out of touch Torey MP with some of the shit you’ve spouted.

Like I said earlier, when you first started posting as @anon16628759 it was all good, but like last time you started posting weird shit for no reason. Haystack jubilee queen why? It was shit, and not even funny - again you don’t see a huge jubilee thread with everyone kicking off about how great it is, so it’s just irrelevant. Plus people will see it (and because it’s you posting) it feels like baiting people into a discussion about politics. Which no one really on here will agree with you, then you ignore valid points and the same narrative completes another cycle.

This place is not an echo chamber at all really outside of politics, everyone has different opinions and it’s all cool, (I get pasted for what I like in numerous threads, it’s funny as fuck) you pressed posters buttons so many times it made it seem like that around two or three issues, tops.


It feels like he uses this place to sound out some of the viewpoints he hears expressed in the other circles he moves in.

I think that’s probably quite good for Gaunty. Maybe he’s getting a bit more balance than he might otherwise.


@jimo I think that’s true.
I’d hope other people would feel the same.
I wish I’d never posted the picture of the fucking haystack though. It looked so crap I had to get a picture. I didn’t think of it in the context of previous discussions about the Jubilee.

@anon16628759 try and tag people or quote posts when you answer, it makes it easier to understand what you are referencing.

Will do

tell you what, if i got a whole thread on whether to ban me or not, i’d be all


Yes - that was a mistake. I just thought it was a crap effigy of the Queen. There was no message beyond that, but I can see how in context people might have read a message into it.

I do hope this is a ‘once in a generation’ vote.


This actually sucks that this has gone to a vote.

Sorry @Spanky

The guy has been warned over and over and he is DMing me telling me directly that he ignored the rules and that he knew posting his link on trans skating would be controversial on here.

I’ve tried to talk to him over and over and it just goes nowhere.

I’m not sure what to do now, tbh.


My view is that if you’re fully aware that nobody around here finds what you post amusing, enlightening, interesting or even acceptable then by continuing to post you’re just being a prick. It’s not like this is the only forum or outlet on the internet where one can go and release this kind of bile. Surely mumsnet has a skateboarding section?


I’d rather have Warwick here as the shining example of a fucking old dinosaur and schooled regularly on here to show similar old Michael Fabricants that times are constantly changing and if you don’t like it you know where the door is .
Just like the old fucks 20 years ago who complained about banning Bernard Manning , Roy chubby brown and Similar comedians as they were not racist and only having a laugh.